What is ”Mashle”?


What is ”Mashle”?

“Mashle” is a gag manga series that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2020.

As of April 2021, six volumes of the comic have been released, and the cumulative circulation of the comic has exceeded 1.7 million copies as of July 2021.

It is a popular work known for its surreal and entertaining nature.

In this article, we will introduce the plot, interesting charm, and evaluations of Mashle with some spoilers.

The Author of Mashle

The author of “Mashle,” Mr. Kōmoto Hajime, has been active as a mangaka since 2018.

Under the pen name Kashiwazaki Kōichi, he received an honorable mention in the 89th Akatsuka Award for his work “Bakuretsu Mensetsu Shiken” (“Explosive Job Interview”).

“Mashle” is Mr. Kōmoto’s first serialized work, and he has also published one-shot manga under the name Kashiwazaki Kōichi, such as “Riberaaru Fūkiiin Yamada Tarō” (“Liberal Disciplinary Committee Yamada Tarō”) and “Hakai-shin Shiva Saki-kun” (“Destruction God Shiva Saki-kun”).

Overview of Mashle

The world of “Mashle” is evaluated based on how much magic one can use.

Although everyone can use magic, the protagonist, Mash, has a secret—he was born without the ability to use magic.

Mash, who has been quietly training his muscles in the secluded depths of a forest where nobody goes, experiences a drastic change in his daily life after others find out about his inability to use magic.

Despite being unable to use magic, Mash somehow enrolls in a magic school and sets out to reach the top. With his honed strength and power, he shatters all kinds of magic.

Charm of Mashle

The protagonist, who knocks down enemies with sheer physical strength in a world where magic symbolizes power, is incredibly surreal and entertaining.

Furthermore, despite his lack of emotional expressions, the main character is kind to his family and others, making him a highly charismatic character.”